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  1. 2014 ds 450 Won't start

    Can-Am DS
    Hey, I recently bought a 2014 Can Am DS 450 xmx . When I bought it the previous owner boosted it from his truck to start it, saying the battery was dead. now I have it home and replaced the battery but now it wont do anything, neutral light comes on and that is about it, fuel pump doesn't come...
  2. crank but no fire!

    Can-Am Service Bulletins /Recalls / How To
    hey guys im totally stumped on this...hopefully yall can give me an answer. long story short my bike ran flawlessly before this happened. dipped into a rut with barely any water in it at a slight angle and my bike just killed. tried to start it up right after that and it kind of wanted to start...
  3. 09 renegade overheated and now wont turnover and start

    Can-Am Renegade
    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the can am family, I only bought my used renegade about 3 months ago, since then I have went on one pretty good ridea on which my renegade overheated and went into limp home mode and spit out a little antifreeze.. it then cooled down and I had no issues the rest of...
  4. won't start after new fuel pump install

    Can-Am Renegade
    Installed a new fuel pump in my 2011 renegade, the pump comes on and the wheeler will crank but not turn over, I've turned the key on and off to dry to get the air out, but nothing seems to be working..
  5. DS250 - Aggravated!

    Can-Am DS
    I bought a used ds250 this year. I can go out and ride a trail for 20-40 minutes without any problems - come back turn it off and it will start right back up. BUT when I ride longer periods of time like an hour or so it will sputter out and die like it isn't getting any gas and won't start...
  6. 2004 Bombardier Outlander 400 H.O. Won't Start After Sinking

    Please Introduce Yourself
    Hello I'm new to the forum so please ignore any screw ups lol, so one day I was riding my outlander 400 and I decided to be a goof and pull some water wheelies on a sand beach but what I didn't know was that it dropped off to 8 feet of water. So I sank the quad and the whole thing was under but...
  7. Bombardier DS650 Wont Start

    Can-Am DS
    Whats up Guys I'm in need of some advice... I've had my Bombardier DS650 siting in storage for 5 years. :sad: I know what a Shame. Changed the Plugs, Oil / Oil Filter, put Fresh gas & crossed my fingers. No Go!!! :th_smiliepullhair: So after the bike wouldn't start, I first verified I did...
  8. 06' Outlander 650 Fuse/relay trouble?

    Can-Am Outlander
    2006 Outlander Max 650 Riding yesterday, awesome.. Spring is here... mud is in season, hope your all enjoying it. First day and major issue figures. Riding through mud earlier in the day no issues all day. Attempted to go through shallow/narrow stream bed, machine shut off, wouldnt start...
  9. Newbie with a broke bike :S

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hi,Couldnt see where to post so i thought i would start here and hope someone moves it to the correct place :) OK..... I last week brought a 2007 outlander xt, 1700 k someone has fitted a after market exhaust apart from that i THINK its standard. worked great till yesterday it broke...
  10. Key 'ON' , nothing discovery

    Can-Am Outlander
    Im new here, and I bought a used '07 Outlander 650xt. It was snorkeled and I assumed it had been ran deep,no problem to me cause thats what I wanted to do w/it. After 2 weekends of trailing and hitting the deep water, it began to NOT come to life when the key was turned on. Strange. I am an...
  11. 2011 Renegade 800 xxc

    Can-Am Renegade
    I have only rode my renegade a couple of times and now it wont start. I have checked the battery and all the fuses. The lights and and display light up fine, and the 4 wheeler turns over a couple of times, then just clicks. The batter has 12.25 volts and only drops to 10.8 under a load. It...
  12. compression 400 outlander

    Can-Am / BRP
    I have got an 06 outlander that won't start and was trying to check compression but the book doesn't give what it is supposed to be but the other thing is will it be lower if the compression relief valve has shut yet. Please help this is driving me nuts. If anyone could help I would greatly...