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  1. Can-Am / BRP
    So we are in NW Maine (The Forks). The weather is sunny & 75. The issue we have is that 3 separate machines will not start. All 3 machines were running perfect. When we stopped for gas/food/rest, the machines would not start. NOTE; The machines failed at DIFFERENT times. One yesterday, 2 today...
  2. Can-Am Outlander
    hello, i have a 18 , 650 xmr and was curious on if there was any difference between the 650/800 bbks or if there was any manufactures that are specific to g2s later models if the plug and play is the same? cvtech clutch, epi secondary, upgraded diff,
  3. Can-Am Outlander
    Hey guys, I've been hearing rumors that the MAX chassis have been known to crack between the transmission and rear diff. I imagine this is mostly due to guys riding the machine way harder than what it was designed for, but I am curious as to what you guys have heard regarding this. I am...
  4. Can-Am XMR
    It's been years since I have been here. I have a 2021 XMR on order and should be here by the end of May I am told. I am curious to know what I need to order to upgrade my tires and wheels. I am looking for something that will be Aggressive yet not beat my brains out when on road. Would it...
  5. Can-Am XMR
    Can’t find where to put the solenoid on my 650 outlander xmr if anyone could help would be greatly appreciated. Watched tons of videos on 570s because I could not find any 650 winch installation videos.
  6. Can-Am XMR
    The 2019 850 XMR doesn't come with a rear bumper. I am currently trying to get one along with the correct frame mounts. 1. I need to find the right color. As far as I've searched, I believe the 2019 850 XMR is considered "Sunburst Yellow" but I need to confirm this. 2. Want to get more...
  7. Can-Am / BRP
    They dealership just installed a new ecu on my can am renegade xmr 1000 2020 and they cannot get the bike to allow the key to be programmed so I figured I’d take some initiative to see if anyone on here knew anything so I could help them. Thank you
  8. Can-Am XMR
    I have a 2012 XMR 800 with 30x9x14 silverbacks currently but I was wanting new non-mud tires. I’m looking for something more versatile for grass land as I live on a farm and occasionally take it to the trails. If anyone has any tire recommendations I’d appreciate it as well as some insight into...
  9. Can-Am XMR
    Hello guy first post. Looking to see if any else has seen the new updated cluster on the 21 xmr 570s. Definitely looks like they did one thing right in 21. I know there was the xtp cluster swap out there not sure if they would work on a 2020 with the small cluster. Well curious if any one else...
  10. Can-Am Outlander
    Hey guys! New member here, just picked up a 2021 outlander xmr 850. Was out over the weekend breaking it in. Now, I have about 50 miles on the machine and it will not go faster that 45mph. I've already contacted my dealer and still waiting on a reply I was hoping someone here could chime in. The...
  11. Can-Am 2014 Models
    I have the 2014 with the air shocks and the compressor is not working anymore. I was wondering if anyone here could tell me how the deleted the air system and just put air valves on the shocks and pumped them manually. is there a specific size of valve I need? Thanks for your help.
  12. Can-Am Outlander
    I’m buying a new battery and looking to go lithium. Anyone have recommendations for my 2016 Outlander 1000 XMR? I run Ionic lithium batteries in my boat, which I love for the bluetooth app feature. But would like to know what others are running and if any fit like the stock battery.
  13. Can-Am Outlander
    Good afternoon, I have a 2020 can am 650 xmr, what I’m wondering is whether or not if it’s possible with a 2020 and would I have to swap the differentials as well? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  14. Can-Am XMR
    Finally happened, found a giant hole, still not sure where the bottom was lol..... Fully sunk, sucked up tons of water, probably some fish too. Fine sediment in water. This is as bad as it gets... So drained air filter, fuel, oil dipstick, oil plug, exhaust, differentials, belt housing, towed...
  15. Can-Am XMR
    Just wondering before I buy one of these things. Are the outlander XMR 650’s easy to roll or flip over. thanks in advance.
  16. Can-Am XMR
    I have a 2016 renegade 1000r xmr and I put a 2019 1000r out of a outlander xmr into my chassis, and all it does it backfire and wont start seems like timing is off but never touched anything other then swapping engines. is there is something special I have to do?
  17. Can-Am Outlander
    Hey y'all my buddy bought a 2016 Outlander l xmr 570 the key was lost and the previous owner popped the ignition with a screwdriver it's not stolen btw he has the title and everything the problem is that the digital cluster the power steering and the taillight doesn't work it doesn't have any...
  18. Can-Am XMR
    2018 570 XMR had it PARKED halfway on the trailer yesterday, doubt it’s relevant but posting pic anyway. Got on it to pull it off, flipped the ignition and everything flashed on, then nothing. no gauges No lights No winch Nothing turned it off, key stayed in ignition in on position. Forgot...
  19. Beast Mode

    CVTech trailbloc primary clutch
1-20 of 73 Results