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  1. XT to XTP Handguard Conversion?

    Can-Am Outlander
    What's up guys! I am a new owner of a 1000 XT. I like the look of the XTP handguards. Is there a kit, or parts that can be ordered to swap the XT handguards for the XTP style? Thank you.
  2. 2013 xtp rims and tires 4sale

    Please Introduce Yourself
    Hello, Im new to site. I just bought a 2013 xtp. I had a new set of ITP 212 w/terracross 14" on old 2010 outlander i put on 2013 xtp. Any one interested in a new set let me know. Hello, Im new and hopefully this is how i intro myself? I just bought a bad boy 13 xtp 1000:yahoo: for...
  3. New wheels on the Renegade!

    ATV Tires and Wheels
    I got these wheels from a member of CanAmtalk forums. I think they look great on the gade. My biggest problem is I dont know which set to leave on my Renegade now. Do I go with the XT wheels with the stock holeshots or do I go with the stock Renegade wheels with 26" Zillas? Decisions, Decisions...