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06 outlander 800 question.

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I bought a used can am and it runs great, but I'm concerned on this starting issue I'm having.

If I put the key on and start it, it starts right up. If I turn the key to off and then quickly back to on and try to restart it, it won't start it will just crank. If I pull the key out and wait till the screen turns off and then key it back to on it will start up.. Don't know if this is a normal function or not as this is my first ATV.

Local dealer won't even give me an idea or anything unless I pay them 95$ so see if I can't try to fix it myself
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Why are you turning it on just as quick as you turn it off? I've never done that so i can't confirm if this is abnormal or normal. Per my experience with normal function as just turning it on and then off, it normal but the quick thing you do, can't go there. I'm thinking if you do normal, being, turn it on when you want to use and then turn it off when finished, it starts and shuts off, you good to go but hopefully some more experienced riders will chime in?
Check your fuel pressure with a gauge .
What's happening is :
When you initially start it , the pump has enough to pressurize the injectors .
When you try to restart it quickly after shutting it down there isn't sufficient pressure to the injectors . There "should be" but that's a symptom of a weakening fuel pump .
I was putting the 4 wheeler on my trailer and I shut it off and I need to reposition it on the trailer. So I don't mean to sound like I was just doing that. But how much fuel pressure should there be? I meN it runs great initially just won't start unless you let the screen fully turn off until you try to restart it.
It has 70 of psi before the filter non running
not sure for an 06 but for an 09 outlander max it is 51
In line running both running and no start fuel pressure was 50 never dipped stayed same
Figured out the issue, the guy I had bought it from didn't use it very much and it sat with a dead battery causing the ecm to loose it's memory, local can am dealer had to reflash it.
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