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1" pipe lift WOW

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I made up 4 aluminum spacers and just took it for my first ride. Wow what a difference. No diving over jumps and this machine will now wheeling with a blip of the throttle. Was on gravel and put it low, I almost flipped her when I punched it. It would only wheelie before if I really hopped on it to compress the rear suspension. It is now a monster no joke. I was considering a clutch but definitely don't need it anytime soon. I put the front cams at the factory setting and the rear is cranked right up. Seams to be perfect. Also gained 1.5" of clearance underneath unloaded. Best mod to date hands down. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Motor vehicle
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Be prepared to upgrade rear axles.
Why have guys had problems after a pipe lift? I've never heard of anyone but doesn't mean I'm right. I only went 1" and some people have gone 1-1/2 - 2" with no reported problems. I'm interested what others think who have a pipe lift.
Some guys were putting 2 inch spacers in and apparently some had issues. I don't think 1 inch is all that much; probably just right.
Myself and a few i ride with have all had issues on the rear with breaking axles. Yes your right thumb and tires etc.. all have a lot to do with it but since upgraded the rear axles no issues under same riding conditions.
I love my 1" spacers. I bought mine off eBay from ATV Engineering and have had only positive results since I installed them.

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Spacers help for sure but the stock shocks still suck! There's barely any compression or rebound damping making them act like a pogo stick......
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