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1000 mile review outlander 500xt

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well I bought my outlander 500xt in August of 2011 and hit 1000 miles today so I thought I would write a review


the suspension on this the best I have ever personally experienced (I've only had 1998 arctic cat 300 4x4, 2002 Honda Rubicon, and2010 arctic cat Mud Pro 700) it soaks up small and large bumps really good IMO unfortunately I have heard that the struts are failure prone


the power of this machine rivals that of the mud pro 700 but they are complete opposites when it comes to their power band the arctic cat had lots more low end power but doesn't even come close when it comes to top end (the outlander seems really weak in high till you pass 15mph then things start to get fun) the low end with the outlander can be drastically improved by putting it in low where it is more jerky (about like the cat was in high)the low end in low is enough to get all but the big jobs done the high end power and speed is insane for a 500
overall I'm very happy with the power band (just wish it had more low end punch)


I haven't had any problems with the reliability although it did have a recall on the power steering (I don't think anything was wrong with mine i didn't notice anything anyway)So far it has been very reliable and nothing has gone wrong that happened more than once and wasn't fixed by turning the key off and restarting


wow this thing comes with a boat load of features for a 500
digitally encoded security system, DPS, 3000# winch, bumpers, and wind deflectors (I didn't care about these when I got it but was surprised that I actually like them they keep the limbs from hitting my hands :) )


this is where I was disappointed there just isn't much you can do to this machine in terms of lifts, shocks, programers,etc...

I love my lil 500 but I still wish I would have gotten the 650
This is the best ATV I have ever owned :aniwheeler6:
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thats a great review thunderhead!! Sounds like your having alot of fun!! 1000 miles in 7 months WOW I wish I had the time to ride that much! thanks for the info!

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Great review man. Can Am Rocks!
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