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1000 XXC RPM - Muzzy Exh / Digituner

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I have a 2012 XXC 1000 with 500 miles, running 25.5" Pitbull Growlers, stock clutch, Gates Kevlar belt w/200 miles on it, Muzzy dual slip-on, VFJ plug-n-play dobek and UNI air filter.

When I pin it, motor will jump to 7200 mph and then within 75 yards will fall off to 7050rpm and maintain that for 1/4 mile or so until rev limiter kicks in at 77mph. Bike runs fine without backfiring, bogging etc..wheelies at 15mph no problem.

I own a second 2012 1000 XXC with 500 miles on it (guest quad) that is bone stock. It pulls my Muzzy bike by 8 lengths up to 77mph even though the Muzzy bike sounds wayyyyy faster! My brother has a piped 2012 XXC 1000 and he smokes me by 8 lengths as well and his hits 7600 rpm. We are both 175lbs.

I swapped back to the lighter stock Holeshots and race outcome was identical, which leads me to believe something isn't dialed in with my setup.

I don't think 7050 is enough rpm. What say the guru's? What should typical RPM be when you are WOT? Should it be a constant RPM for the duration of the run? I haven't jacked with John's controller settings but maybe it needs a bit more fuel....
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my '13 does the same thing from day one, if i pin it in high, it will go to about 7200 then once i get to about 35-40mph it will drop down to about 6900 and then slowly rise back up as i get going faster, when it drops ii can feel the motor get out of its power curve and there is a noticeable slowing of acceleration, im in the process of installing a VFJ primary and hope that will help with the problem, i run stock size tires with a full muzzy and a PC5 w/autotune
Your clutches have a lot to do with it.. It jumps up cause it's the initial takeoff.. After the clutches start to squeeze and seperate, or your bike shifts out, the rpms will drop cause of the load change.

I know you said the stock bikes win.. Their clutche is set for the stock set up..
You could try changing the full throttle setting and add more fuel to see if it changes anything. Just write down the stock settings
You want 7400/7500 on a stock machine....not sure what Muzzy recommends, but if I was to guess it would be 100 or 200 rpm higher.
Mine acted identical to that when my belt was smoked. It would run like a raped ape as always and ran 84mph and then I pulled some heavy stuff and glazed the belt over and ever since then it only pulled 6,900 rpm and it was a dog and would only run 70mph. I threw a new belt on it and cleaned the clutches and bingo it was back to itself as always!

I would start with the belt and clean the clutch surfaces and see what happens before you start changing too much.
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Talked to VFJ today. He stated that the Gates Kevlar belt is likely issue, they are too hard and don't grip the clutch surfaces properly resulting in lower RPM. Bike should run 7600rpm as setup. Will be replacing Gates belt with OEM Maverick belt once I wear it out some, per his recommendation.
Hmm, that's interesting to hear that. Ive been running the Gates Kevlar and no issues. Shift out is the same as before I smoked my OEM belt when the one ways locked up. I can hit 82+ on my little 800 no problem before the rev limiter kicks in.

If they didn't grip properly wouldn't that result in higher rpm? I'm not sure I'm following the logic here.
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