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Help Please! Ignition problem

Hi guys.

I've had a problem with my ignition on my 2011 Outlander 400 T3 (tractor, Norway) several times. The issue is that the ignition does not handle bad weather, and it gets ruined. :th_smiliepissed: What happens is that the key won't turn around correctly, and it does not register that the key is in (wrong key) or the power won't come on. Now, this is not the first time this have happened, and I think it is unneccesary to go to my dealer, and have them to change it and program the keys again. It is too expensive! :th_smiliepullhair:
So, the question is, how do I fix this myself, OR, are there any other ignition switches that I can fit instead of the crappy switch that is standard?

Thank you.
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