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Im new to ATV but im a car performance guy so i choose a 13 MAX 1000 XTP with less than 3k miles(less than 7k km) on it.
Was looking at a renegade but to be safe with my kids and wife i decide to take a real 2 seater but still will be doing a lot for drive alone ;)
Ill make it this thread the most clear tha i can without going on already known fact too much( did a lot for search)

Main fact:
-Im 6,3" @ 275 lbs
-ITP Ancla @ 6 psi
-Peload/sag is @ 30% back and 20% front (got a snow plow in front and try to keep gppd ground clearance)
-Im an aggressive rider,like cornering fast, doing some a lot off power slide during winter season and doesnt plan on doing any jump with that machine since its kinda big lol.
-Stock settings are way too stiff...So all of them are now at max low/minimum

So im looking for advice /specs or any hint possible to adjust the suspension.Correct me if im wrong.
Please free to chime in with your own settings:thumbsmilie:

From what i ve read and questions:

-REBOUND: At minium/max low/CCW it make the rebound the slowest to avoid feeling like a pogo stick.
**What feeling am i searching for while giving it more CW, when to stop ???

-LOW DAMPER: Related to cornering/handling ??
**Again what am i looking for in term for fact/sensation to know what to do ???

-HIGH DAMPER: Made to soak/absorb bump/rock fast rate
**I should increase it until i feel that i begins to knocking ???

Front to back adjustement should be the same, close to each other or totally different ???

Thanks a lot guys. :th_smiliethumbsup:
Eric the noob.
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