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1k XMR Rear Diff tech

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I figured I would start a thread on what it takes to install the 2013/14/15 1,000 and 2015 800 XMR rear diff into the G2 chassis. This is the bigger Differential with more pinon support and Hypoid gears.:clapsmilie:

For 800 single seat bikes (renegade or outlanders) the 2015 800 XMR "short" drive shaft 703500858 is the easiest swap.

For single seat 1000 bikes you can buy the 2015 800 XMR shaft and swap over your input "gearbox" side yoke. Like this on available here

For 2 up bikes it is the same thought process, just using the 13-15 1000 xmr drive shaft will work for 1000 bikes. For 800 bikes you could use the 1000 shaft and swap your input "gearbox" side yoke.

The final way for any g2 bike is to shorten your shaft 1.75" and swap out the output "differential" side yoke for the xmr yoke.

We sell this in a kit form for all G2 bikes, New G2 XMR 1000 Rear Differential With Short 800/650/500 Propshaft - CanAmPartsGuy

If anyone has further questions please call 715 2540284 or PM me, Thanks, Jared

*If this goes against the forum rules please let me know.
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