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I have this loud snapping noise and feel. Doesn't matter if in 2 or 4 wheel drive. It is not rhythmic. doesn't do it if the surface is flat/smooth like a paved/dirt road. I mean like no bumps/pot holes. seems to do it when the front hits anything from a small bump on up it makes a loud snap and I can feel it in the chassis. seem like as the front just begins to take weight off after hitting the bump. does it going slow or fast. If I do circles seems to be more often in left hand ones but will do it for right hand also.

the boots on the cv shafts are all dry, I have not found any cracks.

the only thing I notice is with the front in the air spinning the tires in the forward motion there feels like a little more resistance at certain times. and seems to build up a little more resistance after the first rotation or two. If you spin it backwards then forward it feels like resistance is reduced until you go a couple rotations. Maybe from the visco lok doing its job???

I have researched the visco lok a little but could the clutches be dry catching/releasing? I checked the oil level and that is good, but from what I found out the diff oil doesn't matter for the visco lok.

when I bought it back in August I didn't notice this. I was also told it was always in 4x4. I have cleaned the switch this week so now I can switch it back and forth. I had probably put like 70-100 miles on it before it started this. I think the bike has around 3500 miles or more, the cluster doesn't really work.

any guesses? I feel that something is eventually going to permanently bind and smash a lot of stuff. I can try to video it but raining today so that won't happen. If I can't post it, someone mind getting a large email and posting it for me?

thank you.
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