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I've had my above bike for about 9 years now. The air filter has an oiled outer foam pre-filter covering what looks like a fabric, K&N style, oiled filter. I'm not a fan of oiled fabric's filtering ability, so asked a local bike repair shop about it. They recommend either paper or oiled foam, and said for sure that's what my Outlander would have come with OEM.

With that in mind, I ordered an OEM, BRP air filter for it from 2WheelPro's. It didn't say what the filtering media material was, but it just arrived, and sure enough, it looks just like the one I've always had, except it's not oiled.

Is the OEM filter indeed fabric? If so, I assume this new one requires oiling? If so, I think I'll send it back and get a foam one for better filtering. Actually, I kind of like the idea of a paper one, as I hate cleaning and oiling these things. Do you guys have any answers or recommendations?

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