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Hey, Im kinda sorta looking at a KingQuad 500FI w/ power steering for my wife.

If got a Rear Box w/ seat and the rest is STOCK w/ winch (Pbly a smaller one). Unit has 45 Hours on it and looks MINT (Burgundy in color)

Im thinking I can land it for 6500 CND....

What do you guys think?? I know jackSh^t about Suzuki...

I was wanting to put her on a Can Am or Yammie PS model but the money man is crying over here after the 1000 purchase...

Also looking at 500/650XT's in 09 trim or better w/ PS (More bucks)
700 Grizzly's about 2007-2009 (Similar bucks but looser conditions)
And Renegades but they're ALL Pieces of SH%T or not PS models for my price bracket.
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