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2010 max limited snorkel and vent lines HELP

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I have a 2010 max limited. It has the cvt intake up to the pod stock but the cvt exhaust is still normal right above the motor. They on back order for the cvt exhaust for the xmr gen1. Was wondering will a gen2 bike like the 1000 xt cvt exhaust fit the gen1?? The cvt exhaust on the gen2 is up at the pod or i can only use a gen1 xmr cvt echaust stealth snorkel. And what vent lines needs to be ran to the pod and where they are located. A picture of location would help alot.
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I believe I've seen on this forum or maybe the other of folks routing pvc pipe, maybe 1.5 inch, to facilitate a snorkel kit. Pipe and elbows are relatively inexpensive. Try searching.
Yea but im wanting something that looks better. Im going to use my bike for advertisement for the Led whips and underglow kits called Vivid Whips. And i like the xmr stealth but they on back order from Can-am and really didnt see any pictures on where the lines are to vent.
I bought my XMR stealth snork kit on E-bay. Does not come with the intake snork, but you stated that yours was already under the pod. Bought that separate. The kit comes with everything else you need to run everything under the new pod. Instructions aren't to bad. Kit was well worth the coin. You will have to make sure it fits the max.
The xmr is a max just made for mud
gen2 cvt exhaust snorkel wont go on a gen1. The g2 cvt exhaust wraps around the left side and the g1 runs up the right.
Did u try
No i didnt. Thanks for the info will search now
this don't have anything to do with what you asking but what is up with the vivid whips? Any info to share on them? I thought about adding some led lights up front just below my bumper but have no clue what to look for? I've done very little research. Some concern would be power consumption and what kind? Maybe another thread?
You can find Vivid Whips on fb and send message on there. I would be glad to help you in anyway I can.
Look up the part and wow the shipping cost more then the cvt exhaust part.
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