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2011 Outlander xxc

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Hello everyone,

I'm from Belgium an ride an outlander xxc.

Now last weekend I've hit a large stone, and unfortunatly the leftfront axle and knuckle are broken :sad: .

Because here in Belgium everything is really expensive, I was thinking of buying in the states. But now I saw on this site axles from brand Rihno and from ADR

Can-Am Outlander and Renegade Axles - Stock Length -Rhino Brand : Can-Am : Can-Am ATV : Can-Am Axles

ADR is a whole lot cheaper, but is the Rihno worth the extra money?

Also I can't see a lot of shops selling the knuckle? You guys maybe know a good shop?

Thanks in advance!


and oh, sorry for my english, it's not my mother tongue :sad:
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Never had an ADR axle but I have had a Rhino HD axle for several years with no issues. They are good quality in my opinion.
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