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2014 outlander 500 extreme battery drain

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Hey guys,

new to the forum and outlander ownership and have a bit of an issue.

just bought this bike in rather rough condition and got a new battery today.

hooked it up and it started first time which was great (was bought in non running condition).

turned it off as I wanted to do some work before running it properly. It then proceeded to drain the battery from new charged state to about 1v in 10 minutes.

Disconnected the battery and it came back up to about 11 volts as it cooled down.

I am going through the wiring to find the short but wanted to check on your advice for potential first places to inspect - rectifier maybe ?

the starter solenoid is also loose and I wondered if a positive terminal was arcing to the frame. Couldn’t quite work out how it mounts as it seems loose under the seat. Any pics of mounting appreciated.

thanks in advance - batt is on to charge, hopefully it comes back to life

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Thanks guys, after I searched winch wiring I came across some pics from another post so def looks like winch wiring. Will get the meter onto it this evening
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So just a follow up to this.
Removed the regulator, cleaned up the ground wiring, charged the battery.
New regulator arrived (eBay generic) and hooked
It up. Didnt bolt it in but seemed good, putting out 14.5ish volts.

ran it for 10 min. Regulator started to smoke. Checked voltage, wasn’t charging.
Stopped it and regulator seemed to be cooked

tested the ac voltage from the stator. About 20v across all pins at idle.

nothing coming out of the regulator since so seems
to be cooked.

any suggestions ?

attached is a pic of the original regulator / rectifier.

not too sure what the 3.0 and 181 F refer to. My understanding is that this is a generic part710001191 ?

any advice appreciated, keeping in mind that oem parts are brutally expensive here in Aus!
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ttached is a pic of the original regulator / rectifier.
Did you attach a pic?
I'm going to go out on a limb here .....I'm going to take the big chance and say he did not attach a pic...
And I love me some burnt electrical/ non returnable parts... oh yeah bring them on !
Hmm seems I didn’t wait until it finished loading…

I have since re-read the million threads on rectifiers and stators and still don’t have a solution.

I wonder if there is a more profound wiring issue here. It’s hard to work out what’s original - there is so much tape and so many zip ties that can’t be original…
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And the custom wiring may have been an attempt to solve a problem in the main harness
Looks like a job that will require perseverance to figure out
Got onto my sparky neighbour who is going to have a look. First thing he mentioned is that my replacement rectifier looks inadequate for the job…
Tend to agree when I compare them size wise

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Sorry, dunno what’s going on with the pic duplicates
Have you downloaded your service manual from the site here? It's free, and factory. @Freewill is hosting them
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Sorry, dunno what’s going on with the pic duplicates
Fixed your post. ;)
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