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2014 Renegade 1000 broke down

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Went on a poker run and 10 miles into ride it acted like belt was slipping some and then won't move at all now. H,L,R it just makes a banging sound inside where clutches are. Should be under warrenty so should I drop off at dealer or take cover off and see what's up?
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They most likely won't warranty a belt.
I blew my first belt at 500 Miles and just bought a new one.
When a belt goes bad does it bang real bad? Doesn't seem like it's the belt.
Open it up! Don't wait for the dealer to look. You could have a piece of belt caught in the clutches banging around in there.
It does all kinds of nasty stuff, depending how bad it exploded.
I had a snowmobile belt grenade once and I had a piece of the belt fly up by my chin and and up inside my helmet! It fell out when I removed my helmet! lol
If you had the secondary off for any reason, the torque to yield bolt might not have held when it was put back on.
Guessing belt as well. Can make a bang when it hits off the outer cover.

Best to open it up. And if it is the belt get a maverick belt. They are stronger.
Dropped it off at dealership should know what it is soon. Never heard a belt make those sounds. Almost sounds like when it grinds if it's not fully engaged in gear but it's constant when you give it throttle.
Mine blew it's belt just a little last time out and it sounded like a bag of marbles in a garbage disposal. Horrible!
When I opened it up only the outer ribs of the belt were gone.

Sadly, BRP made getting that clutch cover off a MFSOB!
So much better if you cut some of the footboardplastic, maybe a ******* fix but so worth it
Well it was not the belt. The bolt that holds clutch on backed out and bent the spring. Luckily bolt didn't back all the way out or it could have broke through cover. They ordered new spring, installed it and it's good to go. 125mi on quad.
Hey, I was right! Glad the damage wasn't too bad.
Hey, I was right! Glad the damage wasn't too bad.
Yup you were right but it must have been torqued wrong from factory bc I never had it apart.
That why i hate the factory clutch system... bolt lets loose and it can cost you nearly $1000+ in repairs. Got very lucky thats all that happened.
I heard that not all the torque to yield secondary bolts achieve the same torque per can am instructions. I guess the quality control on the bolts isn't great. Sounds like they could very from as little as 35 lbs to 65 lbs using the service guidelines of torquing to 15 lbs and then another 180 degrees. This is second hand as I have not seen this myself, just passing on what I heard. Hope it helps explains why some fail and others have no problems. I heard to locktite a new bolts to around 52lbs. The recommendation I also heard was to use red locktite but I think I will use blue. Can am says nothing about locktite in their service manual on the secondary bolt.
i just got done putting a VFJ primary on and i replaced the secondary bolt with a normal socket head bolt, used red locktite and torqued to about 60 ft lbs, the bolt i used is a 12.9 grade M10x1.5x110mm
Red lock tite is a bad deal!! I have personally seen it pull threads out and snap a bolt off flush on a suspension for a sled I was working on, hope u put very vey tiny bit of it on.
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