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2015 mav xmr 34s belt toasted?????

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Hey guy so I went on a 3 day mud fest, rode the Mav and all went great!!!! The last part of my ride I noticed the machine to start being @ higher rpms but was barely moving? So I assume belt is slipping.

I pulled a few people out, and smelt minor minor belt burn smell but I never smoked it smoked it enought to see smoke.... I'm right at 100 miles, just curious on what every one thinks????

Also when I do the belt should I slap a clutch kit in since I have one already?

Same belt and clutch kit as gade 1000 & outtys????

Thanks ahead of time
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Clutch kit will help but not as much as a full primary/secondary setup. Mav belt 715900212 or gates carbon 30C3750 would be the only belts I would run.
If you're running 34" tires you definitely need some clutching
X3 on all above and with tires that big you are really limited to only low gear use too. High is what it is, but impossible to clutch it for both to work well.
I have gates belt and also a epi mudder clutch kit

Should I go qsc clutches or what???? Money ain't the issue, just wantmy machine done right!!!!!
You have truck tires on there, the belt can't take that strain especially on the stock clutching. It needs major clutch changes, you have numerous options.
Called my guy today he said qsc primary with stock 2ndary or qsc primary with matched STM 2ndary, or stm primary and secondary?????

What should I do guys. I want to still trail ride some and all

Also I guess STM primary and secondary will eliminate the clunk clunk factory makes?? Gates belt 100%

Thanks in advanced every one
Call 3P and speak to Russel Coker 1-832-761-1046 or message him on fb. He's the unofficial clutch god on these mavs.
Well I hate burning some one up on the phone just want what I need
Join up on maverick forums if you haven't already. Tons of clutch discussions on there. I'm considering a qsc/stm combo on mine or an xds primary.
QSC primary alone will take care of it, but adding the STM secondary to it will help in the real deep and sticky stuff. It backshifts better and smoother and faster to keep the belt from slipping from overshift.
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