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2015 xmr shocks

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Have a 2015 xmr 800 with 550 kms.
Front shocks seem to be getting awfully weak, anyone else experience this?
Are the shocks really that crap?
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Yes they are
Yep they deffinetly r crap. If i hit a bump hard enough or come down from a wheelie you can hear a loud metallic ding sound then the shock eather reaches max travel or bottoms out. Im trying to get them to blow n when they do ill bring it in for warrenty and pay the differencs for the fox or somthing similer.

I will say this tho, my bike has 200 miles on it and the only thing ive found to be disapointed with is the front shocks. The rest of the bike is great, so in my opnion its really not somthing that i cant live with. Im sure sometime soon highlifter will come our with a replacement spring to splve the problem.
I change all of mine on my 800 2015 for a kit of stadium suspension and the difference is very cool.
Bettter handling and smooth all the way

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Well I took the bike out today and one front shock started leaking fluid and the other front shock the top came rite off and all the fluid poured out.
Is it just me or is that insane for a bike with 650 kms.
oh boy. i did a wheelie on my 1k and bottomed the front shocks out hard... i'll try to set them up harder and see what the problem is...i've tuned race quad shocks many times but these might be out of my league
Have yet to bottom out my elkas coming down from a wheels hard or hitting the whoops like a hero ;) best investment u can make. The elka stage one are triple rate. 3 individual could springs. And have a full ground clearance with me on machine
I have a 2015 800 xmr and blew the right front inside out. (Just blew the shock internals out of the top) and to say the least I was pretty heated! Taking it into the dealer may 15th. Loxboy1, do you know that they will discount a set of fox shocks if I were to go that route?
Hey Furley,

It's a known defect on the XMR 800. The shock actually breaks on the lower end, due to the increased tire size and limited shock travel. BRP recognizes this as a known defect (although it took some arguing with BRP rep and dealer to have them concede to the fact it's a known defect). There is also a secondary condition that is a direct result of the broken shock. You will notice the inneer cv boot rip due to the over-extended shock.

I have a 2015, and 3 other friends have the exact same bike. We have identified 2 failures over a weekend ride where we had a total of 3 broken front shocks, and 3 ripped cv boots. After some arguing, the dealer agreed to replace the front shocks and axles affected by the broken OEM shock with the Fox Podium shocks that are found on the 1000 XMR. SHOCKer....the 1000 has the same size tires as the 800 and the 1000 has the proper shocks. We have been unsuccessful arguing that the rears should be replaced as well, but so far we have shown no signs of wear or tear and neither the dealer or BRP have any known issues with the rear shocks.

I hope this helps, but contact your dealer and BRP to complain. Why would they put a short travel shock on an oversized "Mudder" tire that is prone to failure.
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I don't get it. I've got an 1000xmr from 2015 with the podium fox shocks. They also bottom out.
Same here, first ride on my 15 xmr I bottomed out 5 times. Immediately swapped them for elkas and have never had another problem. I don't think the fox podiums that come on the xmrs are very good, kinda like some cheapo shocks dressed up. Guess they figure no one will trail ride their xmr aggressive and notice so they put junk look-a-likes on the xmrs. My ridding partner Muddin mike has an 14 xtp with the fox podiums and his are clearly different with more travel.
Haha inthink you're right about that! I bought the bike for trail hard trail riding and mud riding. So i think i need to get other shocks also then��, the ones under it now are real crap
You guys adjust your preload any? I have not seen the 1000XMR I ride with bottom out once. Pretty nice shocks that come on the 1000 XMR. Then again if your using a 1200lbs bike like a Renegade I could see a problem.
The entire bike doesn't bottom out, just the shocks. I don't think their good at all. Really not that muck better than XT shocks, IMO
dealer is gonna try to adjust the shocks and put some heavier springs on it. hope that helps.
Pretty sure you guys need to try adjusting your springs. Mine came STIFF. With me and all the stuff I carry I'm probably pushing 400+lbs. and I might have bottomed out once in about 130 miles.
Depends how you ride, not going to bottom out shocks putt putting around. You catch any air or do wheelies?
Depends how you ride, not going to bottom out shocks putt putting around. You catch any air or do wheelies?
No jumping. Maybe 50 of those miles were on actual trails. The rest were ditch riding, some wide open runs, mud, rutted up "trails", dried rocky river bed, and the like. There were a few hard hits where I figured I would bottom out, but nope. Like I said they are STIFF and I backed down the high/low compression and it didn't get much better. The springs are next. Just ran out of time.

I didn't buy 1000cc's to putt around or let it sit in the garage.
absolutely !!!! You must have got a good set. Better too stiff than soft for me
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