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2016 Thoughts?

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May be a bit early but, would like to hear what you would like to see in the 2016 Can-am lineups and if there are anything they could improve upon. I personally would like to see the 450L turned into a midsize value machine.
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Better suspension would be nice. Relocated shifter. Better greasing setup for the front pivots. Pre-drilled drain hole for front differential in the Cam-Am aluminum skids. Perhaps some thought into ease of maintenance.

Granted as I've only just gotten the 2015 I would be highly unlikely to buy a 2016 anyway .. LOL
I would also like to see an ease in the maintenance. To change oil its kinda ridiculous with how much you have to take off to get at the oil filter.
Last year it was first week of May and they released the info on the 2015's
So it should only be a couple weeks and we could know something..
Number one is better way to look after the maintenance. I like to see the Xt modals get the same speedo cluster that the XTP and Limited have. Lets not forget about the suspension, it needs attention too. I personally would like my handle bars a little higher so that when reaching for the shifter it would be easier. BRP could just make the XT-P more affordable.
I would like to see grease zerks on the steering column bushings. Not sure about the Outlanders but my renegade sounded like metal to metal by 400 miles. I took both top and bottom bushings out (major PITA) and liberally greased them, which only lasted another few hundred miles before the god awful squeak came back. On the bottom which seems to be the worst, I drilled and tapped and installed a zerk with a 45* angle on it for easy access. I will do the same for the top when it acts up again, only I will extend some plastic tubing down with a compression fitting and grease zerk and secure it along the frame rail. This will give access to the upper bushings with a grease gun.

Aside from that, Id like to see brake pads and one way bearings that last longer than 500 miles. Come to think of it, maybe a more aggressive primary as the OEM is very soft IMO. Not as good as KAW and Po Po's OEM set ups.

Over all I like Can Am better than anything else on the market but they could certainly improve on the reliability side of things before they up the horsepower anymore.
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I believe they will add more bolt on performance parts, such as their own clutches. They already started down this road with adding the option of the yokoshima exhaust...maybe they will add others that way when modding they will be less likely to void warranties.
Either move up to a stock 14 inch rim, or move the brake caliper back to the diffs and drive shafts... I had a rock jam in between the rim and caliper and destroyed the rim, a buddy of mine had the same thing happen.
Coming from a grizzly 700, I don't think it's to much to ask for better skid plate protection. My grizz albeit plastic, had much better coverage. I love this outlander but seems brp likes to make money wherever they can by getting you on there aftermarket goodies.
Skid plates will greatly reduce the risk of jamming rocks in the wheel. My last machine had a rear pinion brake, Im very glad Can Am doesn't use one. Over brake just a little bit and the wheels start hopping excessively, then the only solution was to back off the braking or risk losing control. It was fine for mild riding and may be OK for the Outlander, but Im very happy with having brakes at all 4 corners on my Renegade.
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Coming from a Grizzly performance is awesome with my Outty, but quality & reliability is very important, something I never had an issue with on my Grizz. Paying more for a top end ATV I was expecting some better quality on parts & certain things to be added, not cost more just factory added. A few things off the top of my head, better skid plate protection (mainly under the chassis). brakes on all 4 corners, higher handle bars, specially since I'm a taller guy, better shocks & adjustability on the XT model.
Its never going to happen but I'd like to see a renegade with a gear on gear transmission.

In reality, I'd like to see some of the common issues resolved. A narrower/ Slighly lower saddle would be nice too.
. brakes on all 4 corners,

It is very surprising they only put one rear brake on the Outlander when they obviously have all the parts and tooling to do both sides like the Renegade has.
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Either move up to a stock 14 inch rim, or move the brake caliper back to the diffs and drive shafts... I had a rock jam in between the rim and caliper and destroyed the rim, a buddy of mine had the same thing happen.
me too, Agree 100%
I'd like to see the ability to clear the Maintenance Required message without a trip to the stealership
I would still like to see a little better low end on the 500. In high and a little body english the sporstman 570 will pull the front end up. I would also like to see better bushings and brakes on all of the lineups.
Hopefully they don't come out with a G3, yet...
id like to see a 1000 xmr in short wheel base
renegade xmr would do well i think.
1000R in an atv...
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