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My first trip out with the XMR @ 15 miles into our 35 mile trip, someone pointed out that my tires were splitting. No way this could happen, right? The machine is brand new! I was on this trip to go slow and properly break in the belt properly.

I got off my machine and looked at the tires.. here is what I found...
Automotive tire Tire Tread Motor vehicle Bumper

Automotive tire Automotive design Bumper Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

I called my Cam Am dealer and they immediately started a BRP ticket for warranty. A few pictures and a week later, BRP is replacing all 4 of my tires under warranty. BRP had a few questions, but rather quickly made the call to warranty the tires. Nothing but good service from the dealer and BRP is standing behind their product (even though ITP is the issue here).

Anyone else have this issue? The dealer said they have never seen this before.

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