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3 Wheels ??HELP

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So I Was mudding in A pretty deep hole I got stuck so I put it into 4x4 I notice all wheels spinning besides Tha rear left won't pull for nothing So finally got it out the hole an notice the Cv Boot had a hole in it an some metal balls came out??(dont know much Need help from tha pros) also in 2WD the Right will Just dig But the left will just like rev or something Thanks
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Blown axle. Time for a new one
Really??I Just Got The Dang Bike 1month Ago & Does warranty cover it?
The CV joint definitely blew up for a reason, now it's time to clean the bike off and find that reason. good luck with warranty ,I doubt they'll cover it but sure worth a try
Mud and balls don't mix no matter where they're at ,but especially in a CV
Too bad you didn't notice that tear in the boot sooner.
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Thanks For The info Mike I'll take it soon I'll tell you if the dealer is a bunch of bs
Make sure the bike is clean everywhere, under the seat above the exhaust the gas tank don't give the dealer any inkling that you were asshole deep in mud on that thing and mabe theyll warranty it...
Although it is an
Dealer should warrenty it if its only a month old. Well atleast my dealer will. Problem is if the boot is torn they might say it was a failur due to improper maintenance. Boots should be checked regularly for tears, once sand water and mud get in there its only a matter of when the cv will fail. Friend of mine bought a 2015 650 xmr 2 weeks ago. Tore the boot on the first ride and dealer replaced it under warrenty. Its no out of pocket expence for the dealer to do a warrenty repair thats gets billed to brp, its just weather or not ur dealer wants to do the paperwork and the job. The sales manager at my dealer told me flat out, he loves doing warrenty work cuz its top dolar paid to the dealer so he does what ever he has to do in the paperwork to get the approval from brp. But do what muddinmike said and clean her up real good. Warrenty techs absolute hate it when they have to work on a machine thats raining mud and sand when they crawl under it, belive me im a warrenty tech lol
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