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Not really sure what the best way to do this is. Single threads for single projects, or a mega thread of nerd face adventures....

To get started, I have always had an issue with the handlebar endcaps coming loose or being able to just pull them out with my hands because the thread contact on that expansion insert is just hot garbage. I ended up losing one on the trail, and at $9 + shipping to replace it, I decided to dump $1k into getting a 3d printer solution in place, dozens and dozens of hours learning to use blender (again...), and more dozens of hours learning about the hundreds of settings involved in 3d printing.


With one end cap partially in place, I completely unplaced it and used it as a reference.

And behold; almost perfect colour match custom endcaps (they are even squishy!)

Light Input device Black Computer keyboard Peripheral

OEM part on the left; notice it is split, so at first the only contact with the thread is right at the very end, which is prone to stripping the plastic threading. My version 1 on the right; didn't work out, the flares were not pronounced enough. Version 2 in the middle, enhanced flares with 8 points of contact, threaded all the way through.

Automotive tire Computer keyboard Output device Computer Hardware programmer

OEM endcap on the left, custom modelled version 1 on the right.

Tire Hood Light Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Time for the colour and fancy decorations after many prototype attempts to get the letter embossing figured out!

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Trunk

Close up shot

Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Tread

Colour comparison shot (and a sneak peek at project number 2)!

Overall comparison:
The OEM insert is hot garbage. I tried using my custom insert with the OEM rubber endcap and I ended up destroying it because the screw pulled right through the rubber. With these bad boys, you can tug on them all day and they aren't coming out unless you got some real man fingers. Plus, I love the minor accent up top where there really is nothing!

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Awesome Lee, awesome. We had a guy at my old work that got into 3D printing, about a year later he was making a ton of stuff for guys in the shop/office. Funny you hate those caps, I've been missing one for like a year, just found it mowing the lawn last weekend and put it back it. They suck...

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Crazy good stuff, Lee, awesome (y)
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