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I was wondering if anyone out there has had this issue I’m about to mention below with their 2000 Bomby Traxter or other Cam Am bike.
A few weeks ago while plowing driveways my bike stalled a couple times but a second before doing so a short rattle (not a grind) could be heard from front portion of engine. After the second time ~5 minutes after the first occurrence, I put it on flat land and noticed my oil was really low (not dry but just touching the dipstick). I did an oil change and all seemed well. No knocking, grinding, etc bike ran “normal”.
However, after taking the bike for a little ride (10min), the same thing occurred, a rattle then stall. I noticed my fan switch wasn’t on (it’s manual). Toggled the fan on, started the bike and it ran fine for the rest of the 10minute trip. Other night while pushing snow (uphill) same stall occurred after an hour or so. Bike wouldn’t re-start. Waited until bike got cold and it started right up and drove it home. I have read other forums where there is grinding when trying to start it but I don’t have that issue.
Any idea what the issue is? I should mentioned it won’t idle, need to keep the choke on just a bit to keep it running idle even when hot. Carb was cleaned, etc last winter.
Thanks, Andrew
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