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I'm extremely concerned I may have messed up my crankshaft while torquing my magneto flywheel bolt to 110 ft-lbs.

I was installing MAG side timing chain and all was going well until I was torquing up the mag flywheel bolt. I didn't have the crankshaft locking bolt installed as it didn't come in at my local dealer on time for me to work on the engine this weekend. Instead I used my clutch holding tool to secure the driven pully while torquing up the flywheel bolt. I definitely felt the flywheel slip and upon applying additional torque while watching the PTO shaft noticed the PTO shaft did not move relative to the flywheel. Ugh!!! the flywheel is keyed so of course that couldn't have slipped.

I feel like a real idiot now and that I did something I really shouldn't have.

Is it possible that I just put my crankshaft out of phase? I can't see how that would be possible given the geometry of the crank but I can't think of any other explanation. I'm assuming this means I'm pulling the crank now and sending to a crank shop for repair correct?

The machine is an 07 Outlander 800. The timing chains were stretched real bad.

Any info to shed light on what I may have done is much appreciated. I had NOT planned on tearing down the whole engine....
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