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Add OR Change Oil

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I noticed today that the oil on my bike is a tad low. About 1/2" below the hash lines. It only has 25 hours on it since the last change but, they're all plowing hours. I also noticed that there was a bit of oil in the base of the air filter box. Not a lot, but enough that it took some effort to clean it out.


Top it off (and if so, what type and weight)?


Change it (and if so, what type and weight)?
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At 25 hours it shouldn't be using much oil, but a brand new bike it usually due for an oil change around ten hours. Did you do that?

New engines tend to shed material for about the first ten hours and it's important to change the oil after that. (Your owner's manual will indicate that).
It's a 2009 with just under 400 hours on it. I wouldn't think that it's abnormal for it to use some oil between changes, just not sure if I should just top it off or if I should change it sooner because of plowing with it. It doesn't look fresh but it doesn't look bad either.
I would do a full change. Most people i have talked to they do a full service every 25 hours. You can get an oil change kit with everything you need for about 50 bucks off line or at your dealer.
Definitely change your oil and filter. Filter is a part #152 and rotella oil way less than 50.00. You always want to change your oil at the end of cold season, much higher chance of condensation and even fuel getting into your oil. Especially if bike isn't properly warmed up before you start riding. I'm doing mine today I'm in CT and also plow a few driveways each storm plus I love getting out on the roads when it snows.
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