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Aftermarket parts for ds90

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Where are all the aftermarket parts for a 2014 ds90. I can't believe how hard it is to find aftermarket parts especially sprockets and chain. I ordered a hmf pipe off ebay but nothing pulling up for sprockets. I tried all the local shops and royal distributing with no luck said oem . That's just crazy
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If you only got the slip on hmf exhaust.. that does not remove the major restriction at the head pipe and will likely provide no performance increase.
If you only got the slip on hmf exhaust.. that does not remove the major restriction at the head pipe and will likely provide no performance increase.
I called maxium rpm and left a message I haven't heard back from him yet. Is there anything I can do to improve the header pipe or do I have to buy one
I tried calling maximum rpm several times now and left messages guess i will have to go oem my son is at me to ride. That just really sucks

I am having the same problem with the sprockets. I found a posting where a guy put a JT sprocket on his so I have sent them a message looking for part numbers. I'll post what response I get. I don't have a lot of time to get this either.
From what I have read you should look at Hentrik Racing for parts for the bike if you want to improve performance. They do a lot of work and have many performance parts. The posts on them have all been very positive.
Ok I will check into them I had bought for now oem for my sons , I put on his hmf pipe and wow I can believe how loud it is. Louder then my 1000 with full dual muzzy lol

I also just picked up a 2008 ds90x for my daughter she can't wait to ride it. Just waiting for the brake pads to arrive tomorrow
JT sprockets stated they do not make the sprockets for the DS90 as they can't find a distributor that will take them. I also ordered factory sprockets as there seems to be little out there.
Since I am starting on the chain and sprockets today I thought I would ask if you have any suggestions or tricks you learned along the way? I did this on my son's Polaris 90 a few months ago and the transmission cracked on the next ride. Not sure if I tighter up the nut on the drive sprocket too much or it just exploded. Just curious since you just did it if there are any tricks you could pass along or if it is as obvious as it looks.
I haven't done the chain and sprocket yet, my Chrysler 300c Hemi motor went lost compression in cylinder #4 with no warning . So I am a brute for punishment and bought another one 300c hemi awd got it ready for the road. I plan on doing it tomorrow . I will be doing the sprockets and chain and brakes. I don't think there will be any tricks to it but I will let you know.
Thanks. i did the chain and sprockets and like you stated no surprises from that. I did find out why the back brake was totally worn and the chain kept falling off though. The left rear axle nut fell off. I have no idea why or what happened to the cotter pin. I couldn't believe the hub and tire stayed on. I was able to take the hub nut and washer off my other boys old Polaris 90 and it fit.
Now I am working on getting the back brake to bleed down and the master cylinder will not pump enough fluid to make it happen. I am going to take it off today and push some air through it and see if I can get some movement. The entire system is drained now and I am working to get the fluid though. I put my vacuum pump on the caliper end and can pull 25 lbs of vacuum with no fluid moving. I assume something is clogging the line. This should make a big difference on the bike.
Your kids atv must be the ds90x they have disc brakes and the regular ds90 is drum. I just bleed my daughter rear brakes took a while to get the air out. I just let it sit with the lid off the master cylinder every couple mins just pumped it I was about 30min to get it all out.

Make sure your bleeder screw isn't plugged full of shit for ds90 and ds90x performance parts. for ds90 and ds90x performance parts.
I tried calling them and no answer or Reply back from my messages I left on his answering machine
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