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Alignment issue

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Hey sorry if this question has been asked before I bought a 2014 maverick XXC in December and I took it out for the first time yesterday. After using it for half the day I notice the steering wheel had to be turned to the left to stay straight, I checked the tire pressure and it's about half a pound off would that be enough to make it pull? I want to take it to the dealer but of course they are booked up for a month and I am suppose to go out on Sunday, would it be okay if I ran it like that for the day or just cancel my plans? Sorry I'm pretty new to all this.
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Bent tie rod.
And you may be able to just bend it back for now until you get a chance to replace it. I assume it's not too bad if it took a while to notice. You could probably run it for a day with no other issues. Check for a bend in the tie rod(s). Can you see or measure a difference in the distance between the front and back of the front tires?
Did you hit something ? Or was it always this way ?
I tried to measure centre to centre on the tires and it says I'm a inch wider in the front but I don't know if I believe that because when I look at it they look good I rechecked the tire pressure and it was actually a pound off so I pumped it up to match. I looked at the tie rod and felt the joints they seem okay the only time I notice it pulling hard is at fast speeds but at low speeds it just pulls like a car naturally does on the highway so to speak
And I didn't hit anything too hard other then the snow packed ice covered puddles which I would break thru. And not I didn't notice it at all until I got on gravel and started to go fast
I have a drywall scribe edge that I use , but you can use anything long & straight enough .
This is best done with the tires removed from the rims but if the device can be fished between the lugs , it will be close .
Place the front on jack stands & clamp one end the straight edge against the edges of the rear wheel with the other end extending forward enough to lay against both edges of the front wheel .

Then straighten the steering wheel & secure in place
Adjust the tie rods to obtain the correct factory spec .
!/4" toe in would be 1/8" on each wheel . Vice verse & etc .
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