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Altering speed limiters in BUDS2 on Outlander 1000

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I did some playing around on my 2020 XMR 1000 and altered he speed limiters.

Byte 2 Bit 7 if unchecked will limit the speed to 40mph. Check mark to limit speed at 65mph.
Byte 2 Bit 6 if check marked will give you 82mph. Leave Bit7 check marked.
Don't know how it behaves with Bit 6 checked and Bit 7 unchecked. Have not tested that.
The engine speed holds at 7200 rpm. This is good. I have hit 8,000 rpm before using the track module and the engine does not like that. Gets a bit noisy on the top end.

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I have had this XMR 1000 up to 89 mph but was at 8,000 rpm. 65 mph was a little slow. I think 82 mph is fast enough. I am happy with that.
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I am looking for a hex value chart to match BUDS2 and BUDS values. I found some sites that have various charts for automotive tuning but can find nothing for Can-Am. I can see current values in BUDS2 and can change them but I am guessing at what I am changing them to. Also interpreting things in BUDS2 is a chore. The BUDS2 manual does not help with much at all. So I will just pay close attention to what I am doing and keep note of OEM values. Test and try.

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65 mph was a little slow. I think 82 mph is fast enough

You got some stones, man..... I've got as bad a "need for speed" as anyone, but you couldn't pay me enough to hit those speeds on non-dot/radial tires, in an open air environment, on a less than asphalt surface, where impaling a moose is a real possibility, etc.

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That is cool Freewill. Just be careful at those speeds. I had my 2014 1000 up to 72 miles/hour on a flat stretch of road. Things were going by pretty fast, ATV felt it was getting light too. Still was climbing, but I let off. I was running out of strait stretch. Keep up the cool work and keep us posted.
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