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best oil?

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what the best type of oil to put in a 2011 outlander, doing all my fluids for start of year, was gonna put amsoil 0w40 in the engine but that stuff is 15.99 a litre where I'm at.. anyone have any other recommendations? i have 2 litres of 75-120 gear oil amsoil from before. for my rear diff and my gearbox. can i also run this in my front diff?
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I use regular dino oil, but change it regularly.


There are a bazillion threads on oil, if you feel like reading what at times has the character of a religious debate. Have a go at the search engine.
Best oil?

YOU can become the oil expert:

Motor Oil 101 - Bob is the Oil Guy - Bob is the Oil Guy

Read the Motor Oil University, pick the class and grade-

Then compare the specs:

Fresh oil is best :smilietwocents:
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