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Big Dissapointment - MSA Wheels

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I went out of my way to try and find a wheel and tire combination that were made here in the USA. The tires by ITP (Blackwater) clearly are marked Made in USA on the side so I am happy with those. However, after reading all the literature on the Colorado Components website and this specifically:

"Every MSA Wheels style is designed, engineered and field tested in the Beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the deep mud holes of Texas to ensure top performance and the highest caliber of safety. Each wheel is hand inspected and finished with the finest automotive grade paints, inserts, bolt and materials. MSA Wheels are manufactured by Colorado Components, using lightweight virgin aluminum used in low pressure casting which means your wheels have a beautiful, high luster, low porosity, and reduce environmental stress. "

I ordered the M21 Beadlock wheels thinking they were made in the US. I picked up the combination last night and so didn't really look them over until this morning. Cast into the back of a spoke on each wheel is MADE IN CHINA. Im pretty irked by this. What is written on the website is clearly meant to imply they are made in the US. There is a big difference when something is made "for" a company by another company (i.e. Chine) as opposed to "by" a company as the literature states.

Looking now for another set of wheels, hopefully actually made here in the US…
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That is disappointing to learn. Thanks for informing us. I really like the designs on several of their wheels; especially the 14" lineup. Not as much offered in the 12". While shopping for new wheels I picked up on them touting the "in the USA" jargon and it swayed me enough to think they were actually made here instead of overseas.

The gear bag I use on my bike proudly boasts on the label that it was designed right here in the good ol' USA. Maybe I'm supposed to feel better knowing that fact?
I remember when I wore out my first set of harley boots. Determined to get a Made in the USA set.

I scoured boot shops in 4 states, never did find a set. Ended up going with another made in China Harley boot.

As a manufacturer myself, it's a very difficult marketplace. People in general want low prices and good quality. Being Made in the USA does carry some weight, but not nearly as much as low price. Making stuff in China is about 1/4 the cost. True you do have to stay way on top of them when it comes to quality, but as long as your specs are tight and they agree to them, they will fix things when it comes down to it - though that does take time and customers don't want to wait.

Tough game to play this global economy thing.

I have MSA M21 beadlocks on my bike, they seem to be a quality set of wheels and frankly I never noticed they were made in China. So much for being alert...
I bought the M21 wheels like you which for a wheel isn't cheap. Not as much as a HiPer but still not cheap. I was willing to pay the price because I thought it was an American made product. I buy US made products at every opportunity because I know if i, if WE, don't then the economy will continue to falter. No amount of service jobs will keep us going as a nation. For the record, I hunt out Canadian, European and even Mexican products over Asian. I lived there for too many years and have a very very good understanding of how they feel about us.
If you folks want to know why it is this way. Get on Netflix or find and watch a documentary called "Death by China". You may learn a lot.
I bought Douglas beadlocks and they are even worse than MSA for misleading info, they have "made in USA" emblems all over their website, they even wrote a blurb about supporting the American economy. I ordered a set and surprise, made in China cast right into the wheel. The wheels were okay but I didn't like how misleading their advertising was. Hell, even my made in USA truck has wheels made in China.
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