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Brake line question

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Hi I have a 2013 outty 1000 xt and the left front brake line, right at the crimped part has broken. Looking at the library be I need it shows I can just buy the one line and hook it up. But after reading another thread it seems like the whole brake line system needs to be replaced, is there anyway around this? Tia
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Yea I'd like to just replace the one line but I can't seem to get the line out of the junction box.
2 possibilties. (1) may be possible to reterminate the broken line with an industry standard fitting and tens get a custom line made to replace the missing length you need. (2) If you are stuck to buy the whole shebang from BRP. Have a custom brake line set built so in the future, single line replacement would be possible and you can also get longer lines to accommodate adjusting the height/angle of the handlebars.
You have to buy the whole thing. Aftermarket is the way to go
So there's no way to get it out of that block? I was thinking maybe I could just cut this line get another made up and connect the two. Not even sure if there's fittings for that without an expensive crumpet or not.
Good luck if you cut it. I wouldn't trust it. Better to just take the time to get the whole thing out and replace with one you can change individually. My moto is do it right the first time then you don't have to take it all apart again.
Ok so I'm replacing the whole thing and no way did I think it was gonna be this rough!
I'm pretty much ready to yank it out except for one attached part under the air box, I removed a few bolts hoping it would loosen it up to get in there but nothing at all. Is there something I'm not seeing or any tricks to get to it? Thanks
There is one point that is riveted. Needs to drilled out from the left side. Tie a string to the banjos. There is a thread that describes it in detail.
Since you're replacing the whole thing just cut that one as short as possible then reroute your own way
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