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Whats happening? My name is Etalook from Alaska. I live in an Inupiaq(eskimo) village of 300 people.
Im not new to Can Am, but I am new to the Forum. Ive been riding Skidoo's all my life, and just a couple summers ago I traded an 06 Skidoo 600 SDI for an 07 Can Am 650 that needed some work done to it. Before the trade, I always ran Honda ATV's, boy am I glad I made the switch. The ride quality is night and day. Although my wife is still a die hard Honda rider, Im gonna stick to the big boy toy.
I havn't made any changes to the setup yet, however my brother-inlaw sent me some 28" Zillas just recently that are going to get mounted here as soon as the snow melts.
Here is a pic of the Caribou antlers I picked up after my fall time hunting was over from our Fall camp site.<a href= target=_blank>[/IMG]
My shifting from neutral into gear has been rough, so I checked out the forum and pretty much got stuff figured out from the awesome info that this site contains! Cudos to Canamforums.
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