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Brp skid plate install-seriously ??

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Well, I just put on 2 full sets of BRP skid plates on two XTP 1000's , what a freakin pain ! The mounting setup on these is crap ! Fast nuts! REALLY ? Every one came out crooked as hell and 4 snapped off, talk about pissed !!! Why in the hell wouldn't Can Am put threaded bosses in the frame at the factory for a couple extra bucks? The quality of the main skids was decent but the trailing arms and diff guards were chincy as hell, BRP should take some notes from Yamaha in that area ! 6 Hours for the first bike and 3 for the second, taking off all the wheels is definitely an asset, the directions are also very vague. no wonder the dealer wanted $600 to install them....
Learned alot of new swear words in the process.

End of rant ! YMMV. I need a freakin beer !
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All my "fast nuts" came out perfect. I only stuck with the rivet gun B.S. for a bit as the adapter pin broke twice. I then used the mounting bolts themselves to install them, a little lube on threads, crank em in.
I agree the entire installation was kind of a PITA though.
What can you do if you ruin 2 of them on the center skid plate?
Broke the stems off both and they locked in cock eyed.
Do i have to try to find where to buy 2 more? and how can i get them out easily.

drill them out and visit the dealer, just be careful not to enlarge the hole.
I broke 4 off between the two sets I installed . Fortunately the pins fit loosely in the nuts, I was able spin them out using a dental pick and a whole bunch of expletives. Mine were also cock-eyed, every one, I inserted a bolt with a shoulder and a large washer and tightened them down until they straightened out, i took a fair bit of screwing around but they came out ok., After I broke the first one I started spraying the rivets with WD-40 in case I needed to spin more of them out, good thing I did.
I got an unfair advantage, we use nut-serts at work so I am used to installing these things. The proper tool for nut-serts is about $200 canadian but you can buy cheaper tools but i find that it was a case of you got what you paid for.
Wel....I purchased a full set for my 500 last fall full well knowing I wouldn't have time to do the install right away. I was told the dealer figures 3.5 hrs for the install so I figured it would be a bit weird. I started with the four corners and I soon realized this was going to be a PITA- for a couple of reasons.....
They should include a note on the "best" order for installation.
They should let you know that instructions in one of the "other" boxes will help clarify the "iffy" instructions from the box you just opened.
They should let you know if you are going to "Nutsert" city, a little lube will help on what seems to be over tightening of the bolts.
They should let you know they are using a copy machine from the early '80s to copy the instructions, and it was a little low on toner at that time.
As mentioned in previous posts, seeing how it was done on a machine ahead of time would be a big help.
Update- I could sure do this a whole lot faster next time........The nutserts are a PITA. My recommendation is to pull them snug with the pop-rivet tool and bring them the rest of the way with the bolt using a different bolt each time you pull one into the proper seated spot.
buy cheap and work your ass of or pay som extra to have the good stuff like Iron baltic 10mm plastic that fits like a glow :)
Nelco, you are absolutly correct on every point.
Although all my nutserts went in straight, it was still a PITA to do it on your back, on the ground, with low clearance using a rivet gun.
One other thing they should do is tell you what tools you need for the install. Thankfully I had just bought a rivet gun, even though I didnt know why I needed one when I bought I know....
buy cheap and work your ass of or pay som extra to have the good stuff like Iron baltic 10mm plastic that fits like a glow :)
Good stuff? HDPE is cheaper and gouges easier than UHMW. UHMW is the good stuff when it comes to plastic my friend.

UHMW is better in terms of durability but it costs more. I think BRP don't (correct me if I am wrong) use UHMW either for their plastic set either.

They all have their places...
Mine came out perfect never had a problem
Never did the oem skid install but my first outlander brand new in 06 I put on a set of skids and it was a nightmare. Problem was I rode the quad pretty good b4 the skids and the mounting areas were slightly moved. I had to fix everything to get it to work!
It's common on non-Japanese machines. We engineer up a set of skids for a brand new machine out of the crate to fit perfectly. Then we grab another out of the crate and take that same set of skids and the bolt holes so not line up. This is why we slot many of our holes. We can have one piece be high and to the left, thrown it on another machine, and it's low and to the right. These are brand new out of the crate. Polaris and Can-Am are the most common. Sometimes tweaking is necessary. It's not the BRP molds of their stamped skids or our laser cut cnc pieces. Both are precise. Just the nature of the beasts we have come to love.
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