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Busco Beach this weekend, who's going?

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We'll be headed up tonight, wondering who all is going?

Look for us, we'll be looking something like this
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I'm heading up in the morning. Will be at one of the permanent campers in the corner of site A when you come in the park.
Nice looking rig!
I'm sure i'll be the only guy on a renegade 1k with 30s out there ;)
Heading down after work! Hope to get there before dark. Can't wait!
I'm here now in vendor section.
Reflashing ecu's if needed, free BUDS hookup, clear codes, etc
I see you guys are really roughing it lol. I think a few of the guys that ride with us from the Charleston area are going this weekend.
we drove all night. In the vender area, can't miss our rig. Had a nap, ready to ride. Stop by ifn u r arpund.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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