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Can am newbie

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Texas Boy here...
I am new to the Can Am scene, but not ATV's. I have had a couple Honda's, a Kawi, and currently own a POPO 2014 400 HO and a 2015 570 Touring. The wife decided she likes riding too, so she gets the 2015 570, the boy has the 400, so I'm breaking down and picking up a 2015 XMR 800 on the 16th.
I think forums are a great tool, but can also bog you down. I hope to learn from most comments, but I know that wont always be the case. It can be a bit overwhelming at times, depending on the topics.
I will be respectful of allo, and hopefully I'll get the same back. Knowledge is power.
Cant wait until the 16th...I'm stoked...
Currently weighing options on exhaust...slipons....
Catch ya'll later..

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Welcome from Connecticut !!
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