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Can I put 28x10x12 zillas all the way around on my 650 xmr?

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I have a 2014 can am outlander 650 xmr and sold my mudzillas. Wondering if I could run 28x10x12 zillas on all four stock rims? Please put in any input
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I would say yes, i have 28x10x12 front and 28x12x12 at the rear on my g1, all stock except wheel spacer of 1.5"
Would I need wheel spacers if I put 12" wide zillas on the back?
Such a big tire on the front is going to put a beating on all the wear parts

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Zillas run small so I'm hoping I don't have an issue
Spacer are needed on the G1, sorry no experience with the G2 here, because the tie rod end will rub on the tire if you go wider then the 8" original tires

I put spacer at the 4 corner because i didnt like the look of wider in front.

At the rear end without spacer it fit perfect.
Fronts will be here today so I'll know. Maxxis website shows them being .6" wider than the mudzillas I had
I did 28 10 12 front and 28 12 12 rear I have no issues until input my elkas on and the shock resovioirs his the rear tires
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