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The 2010 GNCC summer break ended with Cecco Racing’s Rick Cecco making an incredible charge as he laid claim to the 4×4 Open class win after a battling through lap traffic and dusty conditions at round ten in Unadilla, NY.

Track conditions started out great for the morning classes and helped Rick Cecco to hook up and grab the holeshot. Knowing he was up against some tough competition, Cecco would drop to third, pacing himself to conserve energy for the grueling two hour race.

Track conditions began to deteriorate, but Cecco held strong and after the second lap, Cecco began to make his move for the lead. Cecco got around Bryan Buckhannon in the third lap, taking over second place. From there he began to chase down Zachary Zakowski, who was in the lead. Cecco quickly closed the gap and made his move in lap five. The pair battled and swapped positions a few times before Cecco would put the hammer down and pull away, claiming the lead and the 4×4 Open win.

“It felt really good to come back from the break and take a win like that. We made a lot of changes to the quad over the summer and were testing out a few things, but it all worked out and I’m really happy with the results,” said Cecco, who is hoping to finish out the rest of the season just as strong as he did at round ten.

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