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Brief overview, last fall I bought my first Can-Am, 2007 650xt. I thought it needed a valve adjust as it was ticking, no biggy right. Took it on 2 trail rides till hunting season came. While pulling a deer out of the woods my LOW OIL light came on and went into limp mode. Shut quad off for a few and made it back to the house (quarter mile). Parked it till now. Put a oil pressure gauge on and barely came up the hose. After doing research and finding this forum I figured it was the screen or oil pump problem.

With only now 1000 miles on the quad and compression test of around 180 I really did not want to split the case if I didn't need to. Here is what I did in detail.

Got me a manual for a 650xt (download). Watched splitting the case video's on youtube which was real helpful beings I am new to can-am. Followed steps in the manual on pulling the engine. The hardest part of preparing the engine was figuring out how to unplug all the connectors, geeze. Made a lifting chain for the holes between the cylinders and got the engine out. Don't forget to drain your oil in engine and tranny. Here is the first "split the case video". There are 3 parts..

Place engine on bench. Three nuts on the tranny and it pulls off.

The "through shaft" is the shaft going down the center of the engine that connects the front and rear differentials (large spline to the rear). Remove bolts, pry off collar on one side and either pry off second side or tap on the shaft with plastic hammer (opposite end) and drive it out. Shaft pulls right out.

I would pull both covers off each side of the motor for inspection and cleaning. I found plastic shavings in there also.

I would pull valve covers and check chains and guides.

Now for the fun part. The 8mm bolts holding your screen in are about 3 inches in from each side of the trough shaft holes, sounds easy right. I used a good 8mm fine tooth ratchet wrench and loosened the first bolt. Soon you will need a long screw driver and an extra hand. Have someone hold the wrench on with a long screw driver from the other side. After the wrench stops ratcheting put the tip of screwdriver with a little pressure against the threads so the bolt will ratchet out. Use magnet to get screw out of case. Repeat this strep from the other side. I was able to use a quarter inch air ratchet reaching through to the far side and I got it out. Barely fits but either will work if you don't have a air ratchet. Must use the wrench method to install back in though, as it may cross thread.

Use a curved pick tool and slide the screen out. Notice the FAT side goes to the center of the case. The screen won't come out of the case but by using a needle nose at the edge of the hole holding it, on the plastic only, with help, I was able to flush the case and blow out the screen. Boy was it fill of plastic.

I removed my oil pump also. Pop off the plastic gear (can pull hard) and remove the 3 screws. This is on the clutch side. IMPORTANT make sure you put the impeller in the same position as it comes out, be careful. The manual says the marks go up if something slips as mine did. They are on both pieces.

Notice the hole behind the pump going down to the screen. Blow it out. My pump was not robbed with oil and all looked good. If your pump is dry, you got more problems. Use 243 locktite on these screws (Blue), oil the impeller and put back on. You may want to mark the plate so it goes on the same way also. make sure it spins freely. Snap gear back on.

So with air, brake cleaner, a little gasoline, lots of paper towels, I was able to make things clean and dry.

Clean screws with brake cleaner. Use 243 lock tite on the screen screws. Place a bolt through the plate and install the same way you took it out.

Replace oil filter.

The stage I am at right now is ordering parts as my chains were bad, all guides, head gaskets etc. The seals in these things are crap IMO.

I am going to bearing store and replacing through shaft seals, case seal, (clutch side), front drive shaft seal (leaking). I can post some seal numbers for you when I get the good ones. Replacing water pump seals also (leaking).

Hope this helps and if I forgot anything, feel free to help out.
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