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Clutch issues

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Hey guys, new to the forum and Can Am so I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I have an 2012 800 Outy that is slipping/jumping at slight throttle. I am pretty sure I toasted the belt the last time I rode (got hung up and it smoked a good bit then started the "jumping") so I replaced the belt but it's still doing the same thing. Looked like the secondary was the one "jumping". So I pulled the clutches last night and secondary looks fine but the primary looks a little damaged. See pictures. The bearing looks worn, the rear sheave has light rust ring and the outer sheave has a slight groove. Should I replace that whole primary or would these things even be causing this "jumping". I just don't want to go buying a ton of parts that I don't truly need. Thanks in advance!


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That looks serviceable to me. Clean real good ( brake cleaner ) remove from the machine first. Remove that one way bearing, dont loose the little caps and springs inside, wipe down real good and grease the one way with isoflex only!! using green scotchbrite pads clean the surfaces and give them a good scuff. The rust suggest water was in there at one time. Inspect and clean the belt real good ( dishsoap ) and dry it well. In the first picture, I would replace the friction washer. again clean real well. After everything is clean you can judge better if the one way is damaged or not.
I cant tell if the bearing seal is burnt or gooked up. If it's burnt, it needs replaced. I would just clean the sheaves as stated above and see how that does.
Thanks guys. I've ordered a new friction washer. After cleaning it really well it seemed to be worn a bit on the smooth side. I will also grease the one way as you've suggested 650mudder. The belt is brand new but I will wash it with dish soap as suggested as well. Thank you guys for your advice! Hopefully once I do all of that she will be ready to roll again!
Do the bearings feel like they are seized up? If I understand you right, the bike wants to "creep" forward when in gear? This would be from the one way bearings seizing up.

The bolt on the secondary is a torque to yield bolt. It should be replaced everytime the secondary comes apart. Some people get away with reusing it, myself included for one ride but it can cause some real damage if it comes apart. I bought 2 bolts that way I have a spare in the tool box at all times.

Also make sure you put the belt back on the same way it came off.
The bearings don't seem seized. And it's not creeping forward in gear, when I barely apply throttle it seems to slip slightly in a jerky way. Like it's trying to engage but won't engage completely. Hope that makes sense.
Oh and I put the new belt on the correct way...arrows forward. I will get a new bolt for the secondary. Thanks for the heads up on that!
Well I went ahead and said the hell with it and bought a VFJ primary. Hopefully I won't have any issues other than having to hang on once I install that!
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