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Have a 13 outty 800, snorkel, slip-on, 28" Zillas

I bought your DBO800M clutch kit, I went ahead and installed the aluminum rivets as per instructions but decided to not install your secondary spring and leave the stock one in for now, since I have to wait to buy bigger tires now.

Shiftout was tested on a gravel road in 4WD

In low my RPM's shoot up to 7200 then drop to 7000 and hold steady
In high I never seen higher than 6800

My question is, if I put the secondary spring in how will it affect my shiftout?
Is it normal for the shiftout in H be significantly different than L?
Would it be worth it/possible to get my shiftout to around 7400 in L and 7000 in H?
To raise my shiftout roughly 200 RPM can i just take a slightly bigger drill bit than the hole in the rivet and drill some of the rivet material out?

Thanks, clutch tuning is all new to me.

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Without the secondary spring you have a DBO800 kit and the instructions, and set up guide for the flyweights is different without the offsetting pressure of that secondary spring.

In a DBO800 kit it would have told you to run the flyweights empty for that tire size.

If you would like to discuss further for your exact terrain and applications/options email me [email protected] (you will almost always be answered within an hour that way)
Thanks for inquiring.
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