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CVTech setup.

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I wanted to buy a new clutch because the old one will not handle the power any more , I have been trying to contact Airdam Clutches to buy a CVTech from him but they don't answer phones or email.
So I'm hoping you guys can help we with the setup.

Well I have following setup

Renegade 2008
27x12x12 tiers.
975 kit
gen 2 cams
k&N air filter
Air intake manifold from 2012 bike.
Open exhaust
PC 5 with auto tune.

I would like to have the stall at 1900 to 2200 and the shift out about 7800
I do ride trails about 70% and snow the rest.

Hope you can help

best regards
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Talk to Russell Coker at Pit Proven Performance. they have all 3 clutch companies. CVTech, STM, and QSC.
We can get you setup with QSC and STM if you're not totally set on the CV tech.
I will talk to Russell, and if I change my mind about CVTech I will try Rvsperformance.
I just bought one from Russell. It is awesome and he is a great guy to deal with. I would absolutely buy from 3p again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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