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dash lights blinking and won't start

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I have an 08 800 outty, I just had the ecm reflashed a few weeks ago and had the PC5 dyno tuned this past Saturday.when I left there it was running perfect.
The next morning I went to unload it off the trailer and the dashlights started blinking, the gear indicator was showing park instead of neutral and it wouldn't turn over. I cycled the key a few times and it went back to normal and started right up. Now it won't do anything, dashlights are blinking, showing wrong gear and the fuel pump isn't priming.
Any have this problem before?

Thanks, Kelly
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Great job How much was The Relay?replacement?
14 bucks at advanced auto parts
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Dang I was suspecting WAYYYYYYY More than 14.$ Gosh Well since I buy my oil am grease from there I'll see what else they beat the "Stealership" by:)
Which relay exactly? The big one tied to the positive power cable?. Several other guys have problems and your fix may help them.
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