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Dealer told me my Defender is in delivery queue.

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Is this a legitimate term or is my dealer blowing smoke? How long will it take once it is in queue?
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It might depend on what "in the queue" means, but I'd say it's legit. In my case I turned down the first machine that arrived because it lacked IEB. At that point the dealer gave me a rough idea on the wait time for another machine and kept me informed about progress toward delivery. It amounted to about a three month process.

BTW... welcome to the site. I think you'll find lots of helpful fellow Defender owners.
I ordered and put money down on a new defender limited 6x6in February. @ day ago they said it was in the Dock waiting for transport. Today they say it will be 6/29 before it is ready.
I often wonder what is up with all these delays. In El Paso, there is what appears to be a transfer lot with what looks to be hundreds of CAN-AM containers, stacked, waiting for transport. I often see tractor trailers passing through southern NM packed with the CAN-AM containers.

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