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Different prices on belts ?

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This is crazy I thought one dealer 30 miles from me quoted me 179.00 for a new belt I thought this was high so I thought I would call the other dealer that's also 30 miles the other way from me and it was 135.00 so needless to say I will be buying the cheaper one I made sure it was the same belt they are both OEM it's for a 800 max 2012
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Or is there a better belt than oem these days
I have the Gates Carbon Fiber belt. I have about 5500kms (3400 miles) on it, Quiet and less than BRP! Gates also has a Kevlar belt that is great also and WAY less than BRP!
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napa sells gates c12 belts and i paid only 110 canadian
Lots of guys up here run the c12 and very few had any issues
We sell tons of the Gates G belts as a direct replacement for the OEM. The C is a little stronger, but also a harder compound and can eat into the clutch faces over time and I don't usually recommend them.
Noticed Fleet Supply has some good prices:

G/kevlar: $38 30G3750 Gates G-Force CVT Belt

C/carbon: $59 30C3750 Gates G-Force CVT Belt
I went with the oem for 135 and they let me borrow there clutch puller so yahhhhh don't need to spend 60.00 for a 1 time your tool
Anyone know if this brand belt is any good?


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Never had good luck with Dayco belts. Only Gates and OEM here. That's with 20 years of snowmobile racing, ATV, motorcycle and small engine service too.
I assume the belts for the 800 and 1000 are the same from 2012-2015?
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