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Dimmer Switch Warranty Replacement on 2014 Outlander 650

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Hey all:

Just a curiosity really.
My well maintained and easily ridden 2014 Outlander with less than 3000 km on it had a warranty repair recently. The dimmer switch was faulty which required the replacement of the entire handlebar unit including the starter switch, DPS toggle, and kill switch.
It was replaced under my extended warranty without challenge or incident by my dealer.
The question is, Has there been other problems with this critical piece ?
Anyone else ?
-glad it was the lights and not the start button.
Why will the dealer not let you keep the old unit for parts ?
He said he had to return it to BuRP.

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More then likely, the switch for the high beam got hot and melted the surrounding plastic making further electrical continuity impossible. This is a know issue. You can fix it your self if you don't have warranty. The proper solution would be adding a relay to handle the high beam power rather the switch itself since it seems to be under rated for the job.
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