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Does the L series have the frame issues?

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I have stayed away from canam because of the all the frame issues on the past models, including the G2s and can ams refusal to address warranty claims.

Have they solved the problem in the L series and do you think can am will honor the new 5 year warranty if there are issues?

I am ready to pull the trigger on a 500L, but wanted to check and see if anyone has any reservations on the product now that it has been out for awhile...thanks in advance for the help...$9k is a lot for a recreational vehicle and I want to make the right decision.
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The frame issue is been history since early 2013, where have you been? I don't honestly know too much about the L Outlanders, but where I live you can buy a 450L for $6999.00. That to me is a hell of a deal.
Riding a polaris, suzuki and yamaha...sold all but the suzuki, ready to try this new L series.

that is an amazing price...especially up north there....what do you think I should pay for a 500L in camo in the states?

thanks for the help!
You will be happy with the L

It should be cheaper in the states for a machine
the frame issues were only on the first production run of the G2 frame in 2012. they produced a gusset that could be installed at the time and have since fixed it in production. Also, the area that was cracking on affected machines was not a safety issue from what I remember.
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Thanks...that is great news!
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