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Dyno with new mods

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Air box mod, dual dominators, cvtech primary and STM secondary by mr clutch, Bom racing super mags, ported TB, dobeck gen 4 tuner.

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Wow! That's crazy! I just had my 1000 on the dyno, after installing a Yoshimura slip on and it came out at 61.51 whp
Stock usually Dyno 63 might want to try another slipon

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Every dyno reads a lil different too, so theres always that factor too.
Prizefighter where did you get dynoed?

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I got it dyno'd at Straightline Performance in Forest Lake, MN. 61.51 at the wheels makes sense, because that estimates at 86hp, which is 4hp over stock with a slip on. Maybe my results are more accurate.
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Its not always a measure of accuracy as much as each dyno just reads or measures differently. So you need to dyno first, then do mods and go back to exact same dyno to get accurate gains.
Not a big deal, but just don't get frustrated without taking into consideration the Dyno variable.
Yea all dynos are different thats why we dyno'd the 500 and the 640 big bore together today on the same dyno to see the HP difference.
500 w/ full muzzy=41.3hp
Dumb question, but what's the air box mod? I searched and says for G1 machines....I'd like to do some stuff to mine, just need that weird green stuff.....
Cut 2-4 2" holes in air box cover with frog skin pick up 3-5whp

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Everyone preached the air box needed to be left stock or you LOST power. I'm hoping your findings are a new mod!
You for sure don't lose power! It's a noticeable gain in both Polaris and CanAm bikes

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I think its always been known most ALL bikes gain some HP with the air box mods.....problem is, most of us want a water tight intake, and that makes it tough unless you want 4-5 snorkel risers sticking out of the fenders....!!

Either way, 76whp is sweet!
All the major engine builders on here all said they played with the stock air box and intake and the stock set up made the most HP every time. I'm not doubting you in any way, i'm just hoping they chime in and shed their input on this also! Thanks for sharing!
I still have my snorkels from the previous 'gade, never finished installing 'em. But don't know if I will ever go in water than deep. I got water on my belt, only reason wanted snorks in the first place. I don't see how an engine couldn't gain from more air flow, and get lil more out of it with an exhaust/controller...
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