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Exauhst question

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I recently purchased 2 XMR's
2013 1000 XMR for me and 2012 800XMR for the wife!

The 2012 800 came with a Looney Tuned slip on exauhst and its its way too loud for my wife.....I love it!

I know the 800 os a G1 frame and the 1000 is a G2, will the LT slip on fit on the G2 1000? If not I will have to buy 2 new exauhsts...stock for wife and Muzzy duals for me.

Any input is appretiated!
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The exhaust is different from G1 to G2. Get a Muzzy slip on for hers. With the core and arrester in it's not much louder than stock till you hammer it.

I second the Muzzy slip on unless you get them wet alot they stay pretty quiet until you are at real high rpm
Thanks for the input! I think I will try a muzzy. Will I need a programmer for a slip on? If so what is recommended?

I see high lifter sells a quiet core for the looney tuned pipe on our 800. I like the way it sounds just needs to be a little quieter!
Contact V force John , vfj, on here. He has good prices on muzzy and programmers. Great customer service too...
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