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firts ride on 650 xmr

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so I just put my first 4 hrs on my 650 xmr,,just for comparison of what I had before,it was a 2013 750 brute clutched piped ,all the good stuff. so I could not be happier:aniwheeler6:. the bike rode smooth after 8-10 km\hr,suspension soked up the bumps awesome, manuverability and the tri mod power steering was beautiful, so I didnt hit no crazy mud cause I trying to break it easy but I was in and out of the ditches and ruts which here in the Canadian east coast are sloppy,the bike pulled with out a spin of the tire,i was surprised,,i heard 1 cherp from my belt but nothing serious. so far,im really happy bout the purchase because I wanted an awesome trail\mud bike,and boy did can am deliver. I think those mud zillas are underestimated by most..for a good trail and mud tire,i don't think theres a better one,,but there are definatly better pure mud tires,,SB & OL,,oh and the guade cluster,i was impressed,being able to switch from trip modew,and time and rpm mode to c your engagement and revs in a number was fun,,,so future mods iv noticed id like first is either a Dalton kit or if I can wait and save, a QSC primary,would like a bit more bottom end,,i know its only a 650 not the 800 but I still think the 650 can am is an impressive motor for its class,and with a little clutch tuning it will be amazing,anyway that's my first ride,thnx for reading:th_smiliewavey:
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Welcome to The Cam Xmr 650 I love Mines Also I'm just waiting for a pipe an a Air-filter at the moment..
what pipe and filter u going with,u getting feul controller
I was thinking about a HMF swamp series & Uni filter..&& you think I'll need a fuel controller for the slip on?
ya I do,,when u just add the slip on most times you are ok,but as soon as u add the high flow air filter you are reall messing with the air feul mixture and need a controller to rectify it
check out RTXMR,S tread on page 2, ,title is ,,,mechs pleas look, its him asking about his plugs whicj look good but he only added a slip on
Thanks Nate! & Have you broke in your 650?
no havnt broke her in yet,,just got the 4 hrs on her I put on this weekend,,really excited to break her in tho so can really find out wats shes all about
Giver Hell and keep up with her maintenance she'll love that..
good luck

Much debated on here but I found mine became a beast after the first service. May be because i babied it until first service but omg did it wake up!
ya I think after my first service ill notice a difference,probly only because im not gunna drive it hard until after m first service and then ill really feel what its got
It's a maybe"" it'll run harder after the break in stage && I rode mine kinda hard during mines cause I thought of it like its suppose to been ridden hard but not abused so that's just me
Glad to hear you guys are enjoying it. I pick mine up Thursday. 2015 xmr......I'm a newb and was just scouring for reviews as I can't seem to find any, even older model reviews online. Again I'm a newb so anything you guys could tell or share with me is very much appreciated.
Well iv got 9 hrs on the 650xmr and im pretty happy, I was in a mud hole just putting in low gear walking through stuff id usually be hard on the feul,, all in all bike worked real good, just needs a bit more bottom end, hopefully a QSC will fix that,it was a pain to take out all the push pins in the inner fenders and side fenders without the push pin puller pliers, but once they were off it was fairly easy to clean,,,
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